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  • English (US) 🔁 Swedish (SV)

English (US) 🔁 Swedish (SV)

1.00 ₪Price

Segments: 65,355

English words: 307866

Swedish words: 307,665

  • Description

    This is a dataset for training, customizing, and fine-tuning translation output in machine translation engines or large language models.


    In the dataset

    Content: segments (strings) from UI software/apps.

    Data format: xlsx file with two columns - column A for one language and column B for the other.


    Why did we create this dataset?

    This data was scraped from real apps to help product writers and developers generate and localize better quality UI copy using LLMs and machine translation. Localization Station specializes in user experience localization. We are committed to helping product development teams use the most innovative tech to generate the highest quality experiences for their users around the world.



    For any questions and if you need a different data format or language pair, please get in touch and we will be happy to provide it.

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