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Localization training

for product, marketing, content and dev

UX training

for linguists, localization, teams, and LSPs

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Train your team

for localization success

Give your team the knowledge they need to create incredible experiences in every language.

Anna Ward, Head of Localization at Unite

"Ticked every box for me"


  • We are able to train teams across the UX/Localization spectrum.  You can find some suggestions for topics on the pages below:

     We are also able to create custom training sessions for your team. If there is a training you'd like to see here, get in touch and let us know.

  • It's up to you. We can customize the training material to your company or industry, or show a variety of examples and tips that will be useful for your team as they work. We recommend going for a more general approach, though: Your team may enjoy thinking about the broader context, and it'll keep the sessions more engaging.


    All sessions are created with a focus on UX localization unless you specifically ask for something else.

  • Yes. Depending on where you're located, there may be additional fees or logistics needed to facilitate this. Get in touch with the information and we can create a custom quote for you.

  • Unless specified otherwise, sessions will be held by Michal Kessel Shitrit, owner of Localization Station and an expert on UX localization. 

  • Absolutely. If you feel your team will need additional support after the training is completed, we can offer one or more 1:1 consultation sessions as needed.

  • Yes. If you see a training you like, but want it to be longer and have more hands-on exercises, we can adapt it to your needs.

  • Localization Station holds scheduled open sessions from time to time. If you only want to train a few employees, you can buy a seat at one of these sessions instead. Subscribe to the Localization Station email list to get notified when new sessions open.

  • Yes. These trainings are flexible and can be customized to accommodate teams of various sizes, from small groups to larger departments.

  • There's no need to be an expert in UX or localization to benefit from our training sessions. However, some basic knowledge may be needed. Check out the information for each training and workshop option to see what types of professionals they're meant for.

  • The UX training options are meant for localization teams who want to get more knowledge about how digital experiences are created. They're designed to give localization managers, linguists and vendors the information and skills they need to create better multilingual content for UX.


    The localization training options, on the other hand, are designed for product and UX teams. They provide a look into the localization process, helping participants learn about workflows and tools and integrate localization seamlessly into their product development cycle.

  • If needed, we can provide a branded certificate with the Localization Station logo and your company's logo, indicating that this participant completed the relevant training.

Hear it from those who were there

Yana Shcharbina, Loc Team Lead at Multilogin

"The content is 100% relevant"

Florian Jentsch, Langauge Specialist at GetYourGuide

"Engaging and easy to follow"

Célia Perez, French Language Lead

"I learned a lot. This is going to help me."

Ilinca Mustatea, Loc manager at FREE NOW

"Gave me an extra push to work harder "

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